You know how there are people that can eat whatever they want whenever they want? Yeah, they’re not our favorite people either, but the truth is that they got lucky in their genetics game of chance, while the rest of us weren’t so fortunate. Now, we can all simply blame it on our DNA and shrug off the fact that all we need to do is breathe around cookies and get a belly or we can choose to do something about it.

There are many ways to nudge our metabolism toward working better, and exercise and diet are by far the most effective solutions. What we eat has significant impact on how our metabolism works and there are foods that can speed up the whole process. There are types of food that will definitely help you boost your metabolism, even when you’re not keen on being on a diet, which is the main topic of this article.Boost Your Metablism With These Foods, Healthy Living + Travel

Lean Meats

For all those that can’t live without meat, this is great news, because many believe that consuming meat actually slows down your metabolism. Of course, there’s a difference between eating fatty (though scrumptious) piece of pork and opting out for a portion of lean turkey breast that is packed with protein. When you turn to lean meats like chicken, beef and turkey, you can be sure that your metabolism will react by revving everything up. The simple reasoning behind this is that lean protein needs more time to be completely digested, which in turn requires more of body fat to be used up for energy. This basically means that your body needs assistance to deal with lean proteinand it will gladly take advantage of your fat reserves to make it all happen. Another very important perk of eating these meats is that they enable you to protect muscles when you’re working out and losing weight, which only helps your metabolism burn more fat and faster.


In every form and size, eggs are extremely beneficial for your metabolism, so don’t shy away from incorporating them into your diet whenever you can. Egg whites especially are an amazing source of protein, which why they’re so often the go-to meal of athletes and fitness instructors. It’s enough to look at the facts and understand just how eggs can improve the workings of your metabolism – you get around 14g of protein in 4 egg whites, enough to keep your body going strong from the early morning. Another vital reason why eggs are so good for boosting your metabolism is that they’re full of branched-chain amino acids that are indispensable for making your whole body work like clockwork. In short, eggs, are not just what doctor recommended to keep your muscles in top shape, they’re also one of the natural metabolism boosters.

Citrus Fruits

If you ever wondered why everyone who strives to eat healthy is bent over grapefruits, here’s the reason. Citrus fruits are the bomb thanks to their abundance of vitamin C, which in turn is an excellent engine for metabolizing fats. Vitamin C is also great for boosting our immune system, but when it comes to boosting your metabolism and losing weight quickly and permanently, anything citrus will do the trick – limes, grapefruit, oranges, lemons, whatever you like best and can incorporate into your everyday diet. Even if you’re ordering food because you haven’t got the time or the will to cook, it would be wise to use a meal delivery service like Blue Apron that has earned its reputation in delivering healthy meals, so that you can get half a grapefruit with your meal even when there’s no store in sight.

Whole Grains

We all know that eating whole-wheat bread and opting out for brown rice instead of white will keep us from gaining weight, though not many are quite certain about the science behind it. Ingesting whole grains rather than processed ones found in bread, pastry and pasta does wonders for your body and metabolism because your body needs a lot more time and energy to completely break down and digest whole grains. The problem is that we’re used to eating ridiculous amounts of processed grains, so switching to whole grains can prove to be a pain for some people, when in truth those products are actually more packed with taste and nutrients we need. One other fact that shouldn’t be disregarded is that whole-grain foodsare rich in fiber, which is yet another booster of our metabolism, not to mention that it’s vital for a healthy digestive tract.


Even if you adore this vegetable, like so many of us do, it’s not necessarily easy to come  to terms with the overwhelming smell and its aftermath. However, you’ve probably heard that garlic has many beneficial properties, and this doesn’t just go for boosting your metabolism, but also for powering up your immune system, and it’s even good in healing. What can garlic do for your body? Well, the perks alone deserve an essay, but we’ll mention the fact that it can reduce the production of fat in your body while simultaneously revving up the amount of calories that are spent daily. Even if you’re not too interested in garlic-icking everything up because the smell isn’t the most pleasant one, you’ll be pleased to know that however you incorporate garlic into your cooking, you’ll still make the most of the numerous perks it has to offer.

Boosting your metabolism won’t go quickly, and you’ll need dedication and perseverance to make it happen. Changing your genetic predisposition with these metabolism-enhancing foods will definitely give results, so all you have to do is be diligent.

Theresa Brawner ~ Theresa is a 28-year-old fitness instructor from Boston, MA, who writes articles for in her free time. When she isn’t helping new moms get back in shape, you can find her in the kitchen, working on new recipes. Follow Theresa on Twitter at @TheresaBrawner