Carillon Miami Wellness Resort, a world-class luxury lifestyle and wellness resort launches its new Wellness Retreat Season that will bring experts from across the industry to lead exclusive getaways focused on varying areas of well-being. Home to the largest spa on the East Coast, the series is a natural extension of the Carillon Miami’s award-winning spa program, inviting guests to deepen their wellness journey in a serene, beachfront setting while establishing new connections with members of the global wellness community. The series will kick-off May 3-5, with a retreat led by the world’s first plus-size supermodel, Emme Aronson as she leads, “Jump into the Present Moment with Emme!” – a weekend focused on self-care, empowerment and clarity.

Jump into the Present Moment with Emme! (May 3-5)

Emme gained worldwide fame as the first-ever full-figured model chosen for People magazine’s “50 Most Beautiful People” feature in 1994 and has seen success in the years since as a social reformer and body image advocate. Emme will lead her first ever wellness retreat at Carillon Miami, Jump into the Present Moment with Emme! The program will be focused on getting guests to slow down, release the senses, and put themselves first to be open to the realm of all possibilities, gain clarity, and awaken their inner goddesses to affirm their true value.

Emme will be joined by Inessa Freylekhman, a licensed Spiritual Therapist and Feng Shui Maestra, who will aid in guiding guests into deeper conscious relationships with themselves and releasing subconscious blocks that may hold them back from experiencing well-being, success and joy. The three-day retreat will include inspiring, informative and transformative programming designed to engage on many levels. Emme will be involved throughout, with itinerary activities including  “Letting Go to Greatness” and “Organic Wine Tasting & Talk: Words Create Your Reality.” Emme will also lead “Silent Intentional Walks on the Beach,” and the retreat will offer demonstrations on feeding the body well including “Creating Healthy Juices” and “Healthy Strategies to Add Plant Based Food into your Life.” In addition to the hosted activities, guests will have time to unwind and reflect at the spa with each person choosing two treatments of their choice, along with access to the resort’s impressive schedule of  20+ fitness classes daily to enjoy during their free time. 

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Much More Wellness To Come at Carillon Miami Wellness Resort:

Additional Wellness Retreat Series to be held at Carillon Miami through 2019 include:

  • Become the Healthiest Version of You (May 24-26) – Don’t just survive…thrive! Join Nutritionist Clarissa Lenherr, BA HONS, DIP CNM, mBANT, mCNHC,  for a transforming program focused on nourishing the mind and body through nutrition seminars, yoga sessions, food workshops, restorative spa treatments, and one-on-one consultations.
  • Tibetan Sound Healing (June 7-9) – International Wellness Expert and Professional Sound Healer Derek Duke Noble will lead a retreat surrounding Tibetan Sound Healing to discover the ancient Tibetan Sounds, Frequencies and Chakras. Learn about the mystical healing properties and mindful meditation practices on this guided spiritual journey of personal enrichment.  
  • Awakening Self-Care Retreat (June 21-23) – Audrey Rossin, CEO & Founder of NAD Florida Concierge will bring the innovative age reversal treatment “NAD+” to Carillon Miami and explain the benefits on a cellular and molecular level.
  • The True Fountain of Inner and Outer Beauty (July 26-28) – Learn the secrets of the universe that hold the key to continuous joy with Certified Life Coach Honor Godin, who will empower guests to remember their true inner and outer beauty, and more.
  • Vibrant Health with Ayurveda (August 9-11) – Discover how to improve digestions and increase the three vital essences – physical vitality, mental clarity and overall health – with this in-depth Ayurveda retreat, led by Kimberly Rossi, Director of Spa and Business Development at Art of Living Retreat Center in Boone, North Carolina.
  • Awaken Your Inner Goddess & Glow Up From Within! (August 23-25) – Self-love is the #1 key to awakening your inner goddess and achieving true satisfaction. Join Spiritual Therapist and Feng Shui Maestra, Inessa Freylekhman for a weekend of “Glowing Up,” reclaiming your power and setting your creativity on fire. When you learn how to fill your own cup everyone wins.
  • BeLove Labor Day Retreat – “Fall In Love With Your Life” (August 30-September 2) – This Labor day weekend join relationship and purpose experts, Dr. Carolina Pataky & Max Riv to embark on a journey of self-discovery. Connect to the power of the universe and create the life you deserve.
  • Upgrade Your Life: Healthy Lifestyle Upgrades + Conscious Language & Sacred Body Language Transition (September 27-29) –  Join Life Coach Honor Godin to get tools to truly transform how you look and feel by eating, speaking and living to thrive.
  • Self-Care is a Mindset (October 4-6) – Empowerment Coach and Spiritual Teacher Antoinette Beauchamp will inspire guests to reconnect with themselves, shift their vibes, and take action toward living in harmony with their hearts.
  • Detox Your Way to Health, Clarity and Beauty (November 1-3) – Discover detoxification as a foundation for skin, weight control and vibrant health with Carillon Miami’s own Master of Acupuncture, Dr. Vladimir Turovskiy and Holistic Therapist, Elaine Kroyter.
  • Beauty at Every Age (July 12–14; November 15– 17) – Examine the options for facial rejuvenation and body contouring at every age as Dr. James Stern, Chief Plastic Surgeon of Memorial Hospital in Hollywood, Florida explores and discusses various non-invasive and surgical options.
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Carillon Miami’s Wellness Retreats start at $1,469 (+taxes and fees) per person based on double occupancy, and includes participation on three-day wellness retreat, suite accommodations, unlimited access to the spa’s thermal experience, schedule of fitness classes, and resort’s facilities. Additional information about Carillon Miami Wellness Retreat Season can be found online at, or by calling (877)245-2811.