Winter Healthy Skin Tips, Healthy Living + TravelEver wonder why your co-worker has the perfect skin? Or how your friends’ lifestyles seem to help balance out the highs and lows of their physical appearance? Healthy diet, personal practices and choosing the right product play a huge part in how the skin is maintained. There is no single way to ensure that you have healthy skin, but there are a few vital [and simple] things one can do to increase the chances of having young and radiant skin.

Water is always a wise choice, and your body will appreciate it.  Drink at least 6-8 glasses per day preferring room temperature water since iced water slows down your metabolism and digestion. During the night your body is getting dehydrated, thus, it is vitally important to drink water in the morning. Water with lemon provides the body with electrolytes which hydrate and your body and rejuvenate your skin. As lemons contain good amount of vitamin C and electrolytes such as potassium, calcium and magnesium. It helps your body to release toxins.

Reduce Stress
Reducing stress may sound minimal, but your well-being most definitely reflects in your physical appearance and state of mind. Getting 8 hours of sleep each night is important- don’t oversleep, and wake up earlier during the summer time. Fresh air, peace of mind, and a plan for the day go hand-in-hand with healthy living and maintaining a younger-looking appearance.

Stay Healthy & Active
Regular exercise, plenty of water, vitamins and the right serving of fruits and vegetables is one of the best ways to maintain younger skin. Exercising at least three to four times a week is the best way to speed up your metabolism: try different workouts to make sure you work different parts of your body equally. Too much dieting is not healthy – you need minerals to glow, vitamins to boost energy, and Omega-3 fatty acids and Omega-6 fatty acids to provide your skin with firmer look and reduce wrinkles.

Choose the right product for your skin
Ingredients are very important. Read the label – some skin care products make claims they cannot support. Consult spa and salon professionals. Products that claim to “take your years off immediately” could be misleading and ineffective. Products for skin rejuvenation and preservation can be very effective if you know what you look for.

Stay Alert in the Holiday Season
Excessive amount of alcohol retains water in the body and skin developing puffiness. Reduce alcohol consumption to 1-2 drinks a day.

~ Irina Mark. Irina started her career in the Beauty industry in Moscow, where she trained, researched, and obtained a Bachelor’s in Dermatology. Post-graduation, she received training in skincare and cellular science, and worked alongside biologists, dermatologists, and chemists. She spent six years in France and Switzerland and began distributing for small companies. Coming to the US in the early 1990s she worked for Jacques Dessange in both the US and Paris, and continued participating in makeup artist competitions, both nationally and internationally in Europe. Irina worked for Georgette Klinger for over ten years, focusing on sales and skincare consulting. From 2005-2013 she focused on consulting and retail distribution, which led to her becoming an exclusive distributor for Caviar of Switzerland US.