It is certainly not a novel idea to frequent a full service spa, time and expense permitting. Luckily, Sundara Inn and Spa fits every category like a glove. A popular tourist destination within reach for not only Chicagoans looking for a weekend getaway, Sundara is mesmerizing from first glance! The experience at Sundara Inn and Spa begins at the front desk—each
member of the service staff provides personalized attention to each arriving guest, and could not be any nicer or accommodating. In fact, every member of the service staff has a welcoming and inviting demeanor and charming personality, and, ultimately contributes to the soothing atmosphere.

The poolside at Sundara is exquisite. During the daytime, an array of diverse and calming instrumental music is playing. In addition, the perceived absence of infuriating electronic portable devices (phone and media outlets are strictly prohibited in the pool area) ultimately add to the enjoyment. The ambiance is complemented by the idealistic on-site waterfall, which is not too loud or intrusive. In the nighttime, the pool is lit with beautiful serene lighting, which is not too bright or colorful. The resort maintains a clean steam room along with a few powered-jet Jacuzzis, indoor and outdoor, including in the vicinity of the pool deck. Earnestly, a visitor feels that everything is at hands reach and incredibly accessible and convenient.

Tall and glistening, aromatic pines. Yes, indeed! Sundara Inn and Spa is surrounded by a beautiful forest full of pine trees where guests can stroll at their leisure, breathing in the surrounding fresh country air. Furthermore, a beautiful golf course is located on the grounds for the avid competitor looking for a fun game between friends or colleagues. After an exciting game of golf, the fine cuisine and culinary experience offered at Sundara is welcoming by any pallet, and a guest will be pleased with the diverse assortment!

Sundara Inn and Spa boasts an ample selection of cottages and villas to choose upon reservation, accommodating 8-10 people. The villas can be rented out for a corporate company outing as well as for recreational use.

The amenities that Sundara offers are second to none! It unquestionably rivals any luxury spa of metropolitan Paris or New York City. The warm oil scalp treatment is unbelievably comforting and pleasant and is wholeheartedly recommend to every visitor! But that is not all: The lavish white robes and slippers that are provided for lounging about the pool make for a complete rejuvenation of the body and mind. It is all about that special touch! A guest feels as if transported into a different galaxy, a utopia of sorts. Enough cannot be written about a retreat at Sundara Inn and Spa, and be assured, you will be passionately looking forward to returning and renewing this experience!

~ Irina Mark, President of Caviar of Switzerland