Oaks at Ojai - Healthy Living + TravelThe start of summer is a great time to shift gears into a healthier, more active lifestyle. So when my mom suggested we go to a boot camp after my Grade 12 exams, I leaped at the chance. This was our first mother daughter spa getaway and were looking for a place that offered more fitness options than we would have time to try, healthy eating anchored in fresh fruits and lots of veggies, and an environment that pushed us, but not too hard. We were torn between wanting to be challenged and motivated to set goals and wanting a peaceful place to recharge. Where to go?Yoga at at Oaks at Ojai - Healthy Living and Travel

After some research, we decided on the Oaks Spa Resort at Ojai, California.

Ojai is just 90 minutes north of Los Angeles, but a million miles away from city stresses and pressures. Quaintness is everywhere (and just a stroll from the Oaks). Franchise free and foot friendly, we knew in a second that Ojai would be the perfect place to kick-start our summer.

To enjoy the best of Ojai, lose weight, enjoy great meals with new friends, and generally feel great about yourself, your body and the world, you have to stay at the Oaks. Everyone at the Oaks is so friendly and supportive, and focused on ensuring you keep active and moving all day long on 1,200 calories without ever feeling hungry, sore or frustrated. It was the easiest, most pleasant way of going from slothful to energized.

In the water at Oaks at Ojai - Healthy Living and TravelThere is no salt or sugar anywhere on the premises, but meals were always tasty and filling. Mealtimes had a real family feel to them with set service times and shared tables. We loved having the option to take our lunch on the covered poolside patio and meeting new people at every sitting.

There was constant opportunity to exercise. Outdoor activities, including brisk morning walks, hikes, bike rides or kayaking excursions, were all scheduled in the early morning or late afternoon to avoid the sun during its fiercest hours. On-site options in the pool and gym run from just after breakfast to early evening. We amazed ourselves at how long we could go from class to class to class. Each day we got a full workout of cardio and fat burning, strength training and shaping, ending with “relaxing” yoga. Friendly instructors catered to all levels from beginners to advanced guests.Poolside at Oaks at Ojai - Healthy Living and Travel

This place had such great touches, from movies after dinner to fun facilitated discussions. All this, plus full spa services.

The Oaks is an easy place to come to alone or with a friend. It’s very comfortable, casual, and personal. But behind the effortless pleasantness, someone is paying a lot of attention to the details!

We had such a great time together at the Oaks that we’re thinking about taking advantage of the January Mother and Daughter special. We highly recommend a week at the Oaks!

The Oaks at Ojai

~ Mackenzie Oliver, Spas of America