With a thriving arts and lifestyle scene, Michelin-starred restaurants, and cultural diversity, New York City remains one of the greatest cities in the world. But this status comes with certain expectations… and crowds that want to experience the excitement of the metropolis. As a result, the hustle and bustle here is constant, which is part of the reason why it’s also known as ‘the city that never sleeps’. If you know where to look though, there are actually places in the Big Apple where you can enjoy moments of peace and quiet.

New York City Library, Healthy Living + TravelWhy not try the New York Public Library instead? The Rose Main Reading Room is an iconic space built with high ceilings, Old World architecture, and an overhead mural of the calming sky. Every touch and detail adds to the calm atmosphere that affects anyone who walks through its iconic doors.

The Cloister, Lincoln Center, New York CIty, Healthy Living + TravelArchitectural Digest also suggests checking out The Cloisters and the David Rubenstein Atrium at Lincoln Center. Both are located in Manhattan, the most densely populated borough in New York. Being a major business district, it is a prime location for professionals and working class families. The price of commodities and real estate historically goes up, with Yoreevo explaining that condos cost an average of $2,000,000.

The Cloisters, New York CIty, Healthy Living + TravelWith such a bustling community, the atmosphere here is distinct from the rest of the city and the New York rush is much more evident. Thankfully, places like The Cloisters and David Rubenstein Atrium produce a different ambience, mainly due to the foliage. Plants make up a major element of zen and meditation, a quiet form of life that can be inspiring.

Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York City, Healthy Living + TravelApart from these locations, you can consider other museums, botanical gardens, and libraries on your trip to New York. The Metropolitan Art Museum (MET) may not be as deserted but the atmosphere is still hushed compared to other tourist attractions.

New York Botanical Garden, Healthy Living + TravelThere’s also the New York Botanical Garden, which is a good alternative to Central Park. The gardens showcase different plant collections depending on the season, and each one creates a tranquil environment.

Mandarin Oriental New York, Spas of AmericaIf you want to sneak in a little self care, check out the local spas mentioned here on Healthy Living and Travel. You can unwind with a massage, facial or even a pedicure. Spas are perfect locations for urban R&R sessions.

Central Park New York City, Healthy Living + TravelEveryone says that New York doesn’t stop for anyone, and you have to be the one to catch up with it. New York truly lives up to its promise of excitement at every turn, but it’s easy to get caught up in the stress. Keep these places in mind to see the quiet side of New York City and not succumb to the pressure.