Like Disneyland for adults, a visit to Iceland’s newest attraction, Sky Lagoon, should be at the top of your list. From the moment you step inside, prepare yourself for a truly exciting experience.

A 15-minute drive from Reykjavik’s city center, this toasty geothermal water sanctuary offers the ultimate opportunity to relax after a day of sightseeing or intercontinental travel. Set on the edge of the Atlantic Ocean, in Skerjafjörður, the spa opened in 2021 with breathtaking views of the sea.

Sunrise, A visit to Rekjavik's Sky Lagoon, Healthy Living + Travel

Embracing simple and natural elements, the design of Sky Lagoon is modern and minimal while honoring the past. The spa’s contemporary design is inspired by Icelandic heritage and includes a traditional-style turf house and turf wall, a type of building that dates back to 870.

Sky Lagoon is where wellness meets socializing in nature. Imagine a steaming 75-meter (246 ft) infinity lagoon, where guests bob, wade, and glide wearing only a swimsuit and smile. Some brave souls hold a cell phone in one hand (how could you resist?), while others reach for a refreshing chilled beverage from the lagoon’s swim-up bar, where you can pay with the electronic band on your wrist.

The lagoon is part of a seven-step Ritual at the heart of your Sky Lagoon experience. Designed to stimulate and invigorate the body, the Ritual involves hot and cold treatments in succession. Starting with a soak in the lagoon, bathers move through a cold plunge, a sauna, a cold fog mist, a body salt, an oil scrub, and steam, concluding with a return to the lagoon for more relaxation.

The Ritual reveals one of the most beautiful rooms in Iceland, and its sauna has one of Iceland’s largest windows. This spacious, multi-tiered room with an expansive 14-foot pane of glass brings the outdoors in while keeping the elements out. Here you can enjoy all the scenic beauty of this country while basking in dry heat.

The Sauna, A visit to Rekjavik's Sky Lagoon, Healthy Living + Travel

The co-ed changing rooms have upscale amenities and private showers and changing rooms with locking doors. Après spa, enjoy a creative culinary journey: Smakk Bar offers guests unique and flavorful dishes inspired by the island nation. And in The Shop by Sky Lagoon you can purchase signature items such as Sky Body Scrub as part of your Ritual experience.

If you’re fortunate enough to travel to this mystical island of ice, snow, and expansive skies, a visit to Sky Lagoon embodies the beauty of Iceland.

For more information, visit the Sky Lagoon.