Everyone can enjoy the benefits of professional facial treatment, but not every treatment is for everyone, according to Northern Michigan’s Crystal Spa at Crystal Mountain. When considering which treatment to reserve, think about the outcome you are looking to achieve.

Need to address the visible signs of aging? Consider one of these two treatments.

The Age Corrective Facial dramatically improves the appearance of puffy, tired eyes, sagging skin, or even the deepest expression lines with firming and lifting hibiscus, botanical peptides, and a unique ice wine active. This treatment targets the visible signs of aging such as fine lines, wrinkles, loss of elasticity, and hyperpigmentation with the use of Eminence’s organic Arctic Berry Peptide Peel, natural retinol alternative, and Swiss green apple stem cells, proven to boost collagen and elastin by 25% in just six days. 

New this year is the Botanical Facelift Facial offers a deep dive into ageless results with unique algae extracts that target visible signs of aging. This facial uses the power of ultrasonic technology, plant peptides, and botanical collagen to target lines and wrinkles, resulting in rejuvenated, lifted, firmer-looking skin. Smart Collagen+ Complex is an intelligent collagen booster that uses advanced plant and algae ingredients to activate the body’s own production of collagen. The Botanical Facelift Facial features a potent combination of protective and corrective antioxidants applied to ultrasonic and microcurrent technologies to deliver deep hydration, gentle exfoliation, and age correction. The combination of botanical peptides and collagen naturally creates smoother skin and fewer fine lines and wrinkles. Esthetician Gretchen Schnell assures, “With the combination of anti-aging products and ultrasonic technology, this facial gives a mini workout to the skin and muscles of the face resulting in a visibly firmer, smoother complexion.”

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Looking to improve the overall tone of your skin? A deeply hydrating facial is the answer.

Crystal Spa’s Eminence Gemstone Facial provides a natural boost by combining the innovative Gemstone collection from Éminence Organics, transformational Gua Sha, and Jade Roller tools, and energizing specialized massage. You will experience the cleansing properties of activated charcoal, the stimulating and brightening qualities of turmeric, and the softening hydrating essence of camellia. Your skin will look and feel bright, toned, supple, and smooth with this deep hydration facial. “This facial is results-oriented with instantly noticeable improvement.  You can see a difference right away. The Gua Sha and Jade Rollers are amazing tools that give visible results! This facial does for your face what a massage does for your body” says Heather Ressler, Crystal Spa Services Manager

Detox for your skin? Sometimes a little heat is what’s best.

Our Organic Oxygen Facial will oxygenate and detoxify the skin. This treatment offers the restorative powers of Snow Mushroom, Birch Water, and Reishi Mushroom with this luxurious treatment for the face, neck & décolleté. A stimulating Eminence peel that has a ‘heating effect’ to drastically increase circulation, reducing puffiness, toxins & fluid retention is combined with the latest skin technology from Intraceuticals to visibly lift, tighten and reduce fine lines and wrinkles using a combination of Hyaluronic layering. Cooling, calming, pressurized oxygen delivery increases the absorption of the Intraceuticals serum and naturally improves your skin’s moisture levels. Skin is instantly smooth, with better volume and increased firmness.

Spa Manager Laurie Peet offers, “This facial produces significant heat which increases circulation so it is not recommended for those with very sensitive skin. However, because of the intensity of the detoxifying products combined with state-of-the-art technology of hyaluronic acid infusion, it’s a fabulous facial to indulge in the week of a special occasion.  (Think reunions or weddings—everyone will want to know your secret to looking so young and refreshed!) Esthetician Katarina Six adds, “This is my favorite facial to give. It incorporates detoxification, intense hydration, and facial massage manipulation for dramatic results.  Skin will be clearly plumped, glowing, and hydrated.”

Our Intraceuticals Oxygen Facial is a remarkably gentle and non-invasive treatment using the latest skin technology to visibly lift, tighten and reduce fine lines and wrinkles using a combination of Hyaluronic layering. Cooling, calming, pressurized oxygen delivery increases absorption of the Intraceuticals serum and naturally improves your skin’s moisture levels, while vitamins and antioxidants protect and defend to leave your skin instantly smooth, with better volume and increased firmness. Using the Intraceuticals brand, this facial offers skin quenching products that provide intense hydrations. Skin is brightened and rejuvenated with vitamins and antioxidants for dramatic results.

Crystal Spa at Crystal Mountain, Healthy Living + Travel

If gentle resurfacing is all that’s needed to bring out your best, we have the ideal treatment. 

The Mangosteen Bliss Facial will reveal your inner radiance with Eminence Organics’ proprietary Lactic Acid Complex paired with antioxidant-rich “super fruit” Mangosteen. Ideal for all skin types, this deep-cleansing facial gently resurfaces dull skin, minimizes pores, and refines skin tone, unveiling a fresh, luminous complexion. This facial focuses on gentle but deep resurfacing. It’s good for all skin types, so even those with sensitive skin can benefit from this treatment.

Your skin is as unique as you are so we can even customize a facial to meet your needs.

The VitaSkin Facial is ideal for those with unique needs. Your facial is customized based on your skin care needs. Whether your goal is to eliminate hyperpigmentation, reduce skin redness, clear away acne or diminish the visible signs of aging, an Eminence Organic’s VitaSkin solution is an ideal start to naturally healthy skin. This facial is also excellent for first-time facial guests who aren’t sure what kind of facial to ask for, or how to care for their skin at home.  If you are looking for professional guidance on facial skincare and a customized regime, this is the facial for you.

About Crystal Spa

Crystal Spa is an 18,500-square-foot, LEED-Certified oasis at the heart of Crystal Mountain Resort in Northern Michigan. The spa honors the art and natural beauty of northern Michigan in a setting that awakens and inspires. From the first moment you enter the doors of Crystal Spa, you’ll appreciate the comforts of this elegant retreat.

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