Full moons are the stuff of legend. Some say that during this period, animals bite more, babies are more likely to be born and it’s tougher to get to sleep. Depending on where you live, you might tell different stories about who lives up there: In Italy it’s a man, in Japan and China, a rabbit, and in West Africa, a crocodile. To celebrate this magical beautiful phenomenon, Adler Spa Resort Dolomiti invites guests to experience the brilliance of the moon illuminating the famous Dolomite rockface.

Think of it as the sophisticated, less touristy alternative to attending an all-night full-moon beach party.  Expert hiking guide Thaddäus Moroder will take guests for an unforgettable mountain walk on June 18, July 16, August 16 and September 13. The hike starts in the evening, when the setting sun radiates glowing orange and eventually deep purple hues that fade to black. Guests will pop into a mountain hut to enjoy a snack, and then have the chance to observe the white Dolomite rockface as its illuminated by the full moon. In the dark of night, sounds, smells and even the perception of light and shadow are intensified. Who knows? You might spot a rabbit or a crocodile after all.

Moroder leads at least two full-moon excursions each year as part of the hotel’s comprehensive hiking program. Born and raised in the area, he knows the mountains like no other. He’s a great narrator and knows many stories and anecdotes about the wilderness, which UNESCO has declared a World Heritage Site. He’s also a whiz at helping guests capture the most Instagram-worthy selfies and envy-inducing landscape shots.

Adler Spa Resort Dolomiti is in northeastern Italy’s Dolomites mountain range, which was named a World Heritage site by UNESCO, who praised its “vertical walls, sheer cliffs and a high density of narrow, deep and long valleys.” The 114-room hotel overlooks the mountains, with architecture that’s beautifully integrated into the alpine setting. The property is known for its sprawling Water World area, which features more than 30,000 square feet of hot and cold pools, baths, saunas and relaxation areas, all set within Adler Park, a private, peaceful oasis.

A variety of kid-friendly accommodations are offered at Adler Spa Resort Dolomiti including superior double rooms with sofa beds (for families with one child) and family suites with additional sleeping areas. Daily rates start at €208 per person per day, with reduced meal plan prices for children, depending on age. Additional reductions are offered during special family weeks throughout the year.

Adler Spa Resort Dolomiti is adjacent to a sister hotel, the smaller, adults-only Adler Spa Resort BALANCE. Other resorts in the Adler family include Adler Lodge Alpe, an intimate, chalet-style hotel in the famed Dolomites Alpe di Suisi ski area, and Adler Spa Resort Thermae, in Bagno Vignoni, Tuscany, which is famous for its complex of naturally fed thermal baths and pools. A new hotel, Adler Lodge Ritten, will be opening in Lichtenstern in summer 2019. As the hotels have grown and expanded from their humble roots, one thing has not changed: The Sanoner family, who have owned and managed the properties for seven generations and are passionate about hospitality.