Pennsylvania’s The Lodge at Woodloch has launched haia wellness as a featured product line in their skincare spa treatments (facials). The Lodge at Woodloch’s Spa Director Nancy Deaton says “We are thrilled to be the first spa to feature this amazing new product. Of course, founder Mike Bruggeman uses the most amazing ingredients which have been eco-certified (COSMOS Organic Certification). The product is everything that we need right now- environmentally friendly, results-driven, gender-neutral, and focuses on mental wellness with their feel-good mantras.” In addition to launching haia wellness, Michael Bruggeman is the founder of the men’s line OM4.

Nature meets sustainable biotech beauty in haia- aka: Happy AI Am, a 360-degree skin wellness brand that celebrates inclusion and individual expression. haia scientifically supports skin and people of diverse colors, ethnicities, conditions, outward appearances, body types, and gender identities. The earth’s ecological intelligence is tapped in selecting haia’s performance ingredients from four naturally occurring plant communities or biomes – the North American boreal forest, Swiss alpine tundra, the Australian outback, and rugged coasts of Britany, France.

haia’s personalized skin wellness solutions target today’s most pressing lifestyle concerns – urban air quality, extreme climate change, blue light from excessive device exposure, sleep and circadian rhythm disruption, stress, microbiome imbalances, cellular health, and skin longevity. Each product has a carefully selected positive affirmation to support emotional and spiritual well-being. The line of products are divided into four different color-coded collections, with cleansers, toners, serums, and moisturizers, each with its own carefully selected affirmation. (full press release is attached if you prefer).

haia wellness brightening collection- The Lodge at Woodloch, Spas of America

The Lodge at Woodloch is launching the following two featured treatments this month.

Lodge Facial
This customized facial begins with an in-depth skin analysis and is designed to connect skin and spirit. Combining nature and green science biotechnology, immediate and noticeable results are achieved, while aromatherapy and sound healing provide a multi-sensory approach to wellness and beauty. For all skin types.
50 minutes // $150

Lotus Facial
Balance and renew your skin and soul in this multisensory, restorative treatment. This customized facial begins with an in-depth skin analysis for a truly unique facial experience. Specialized techniques – vibrational sound, aromatherapy, gemstones, breathwork, and positive affirmations induce a deepened sense of peace, harmony, and total well-being while delivering remarkable, lasting skincare results. Emerge affirming “I am calm”, “I am radiant”, “I am well”. For all skin types.
75 minutes // $225

To learn more about haia wellness, and experience a treatment visit The Lodge at Woodloch or call . 1.800.966.3562.