Southern Ontario’s The Spa at White Oaks is the first spa in Canada to carry the Herbal Face Food line. Highlighted recently in Vogue Magazine’s Sustainability issue by the ever-inspiring supermodel and environmentalist, Gisele Bundchen, the line is natural & committed to promoting conscious beauty throughout the world.

Founder J. Michael Zenn and author of The Self Health Revolution, says “Herbal Face Food isn’t a magic potion, it’s simply the best of plant science at work. No fillers and no chemicals. Our powerful, potent serum is packed with antioxidants and phytonutrients that heal your skin at the cellular level from the outside in, and address the top signs of aging in 3 days or less.”

The Spa at White Oaks’ Spa Director Jenny Hipwell adds, “Having been in the industry for over 20 years and being very aware of the various false claims in the natural & organic skincare world, I am truly impressed with the accuracy of what this product states. I have seen my pigment (melasma) dramatically improve, the texture has smoothed greatly and the rate at which this stuff can help heal a blemish is unreal! I’m truly sold!”

The Spa at White Oaks will be selling Herbal Face Food products as part of their retail offerings and can arrange to ship for those guests who cannot make it into the spa shop.

Those with questions or who wish to order can call 1-800-263-5766 or locally 905-641-2599.