As we head into uncharted territory during the COVID-19 pandemic, spa enthusiasts and wellness travelers must discover new ways to relax and unwind as we all continue to do our part by social distancing. We asked our spa partners to share with us advice, tips, recipes and information to help us create a wellness spa experience from home.

Set in The Blue Mountains, Ontario, Scandinave Spa Blue Mountain offers a truly unique outdoor spa experience. With expansive views of the World Biosphere designated Niagara Escarpment, guests can invigorate and cleanse their body in the hot baths and refreshing waterfalls and breathe in the invigorating country air. Their answer for us was rooted in plants that can help us relax and stay calm naturally.

The Scandinave Spa Blue Mountain experience is about taking time to disconnect to reconnect in nature. With the amount of information and news being communicated to you via radio, television, computer and smartphone, we suggest giving yourself the gift of time to tune out the uncontrollable and connect with the simple joy nature brings. In our efforts to physically distance ourselves, we may not be able to take a long nature walk or hike, but we can bring the forest home. We suggest picking up a couple of house plants from your local grocery store or a DIY plant kit sold online by local florists or other home decor stores. Plants help us breathe clean air and deter illness by increasing the oxygen and humidity in our homes. Of course, plants also make us feel calmer and happier and fill our senses with beauty.

Even though Scandinave Spa Blue Mountain is nestled in a natural forest setting, we bring the forest inside too with Mother-in-law’s Tongue in every massage room as well as fresh greenery and flowers in popular Guests areas. Here are a few other suggestions of common plants to bring home: Peace Lily, English Ivy, Chrysanthemum, Gerbera Daisy, Bamboo Palm and Azalea. In these uncertain times, let a little bit of nature bring you valuable connection and appreciation home.

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