Le Dog™ Company, a boutique premium pet brand, has launched on Kickstarter with orthopedic leather dog beds that get better with wear. Co-founders and longtime friends, Kristin Postill and Cara Heule identified an opportunity in the dog bed category; no one was doing premium leather dog beds. They set out to change that by founding Le Dog™ Company and launching their first product, a premium leather dog bed in one wag of a dog’s tail.

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“Our mission is to ensure every dog on the planet has the best possible place to rest and recharge,” said co-founder, Postill. “But being lifelong dog moms we also believe you shouldn’t have to replace your dog bed year after year and spend loads of time in the laundry room. Our leather beds are the product of taking both human owners and fluffy friends into careful consideration.”

Why leather you may ask? Well, leather is a natural fiber that is extremely durable, easy to clean and maintain and doesn’t hold odor or hair like traditional dog beds. Leather also gets better with wear and Le Dog™ leather beds are no exception. The more your dog uses their bed the more supple and broken in it will become developing a patina unique to your pup.

Inside each bed is a human grade dual foam orthopedic mattress. The base is a high density foam to combat pressure points and help the bed maintain its architectural shape. Which in turn means no sinking through to the ground like traditionally stuffed beds. The topper is a cooling gel memory foam that not only helps regulate temperature but also creates a cushion top for maximum comfort.

“We took a lot of consideration deciding what to fill our beds with,” said co-founder Heule. “While for most dog beds the filling is an afterthought, for us it was an integral piece of the puzzle. We didn’t just want to settle for a polyfill or a pillow insert. It was important that we were giving dogs an experience they deserve and providing our fluffy friends with a comfortable spot, even more desirable than sharing the leather sofa with us.”

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Brand design created by Max Friedman is the perfect mix of playful sophistication leaning into the unique shape of the beds. The sleeping illustrated dogs juxtaposed the premium leather beds giving the brand a really interesting visual language that stands out in the category.

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Cara and Kristin grew up in British Columbia, Canada and developed a bond over a shared love for horses at the young age of 13. Having a deep understanding of leather and its durability from their equestrian experience helped drive their interest and belief in creating their product. Being lifelong dog moms also helped! Neither could imagine a life without their dogs and each spend a lot of time, like we all do, thinking about how to make the best life they can for their pups and keep them off their leather sofas! Their hope is that Le Dog™ Company leather dog beds can bring comfort and happiness to human owners and puppy pals everywhere. The Kickstarter will allow Kristin and Cara to make their first order and get their company off the ground.

To learn more and support Le Dog™ Company’s Kickstarter, visit: https://bit.ly/LeDogKickstarter