Chicago welcomes a new wellness experience with the opening of the Leaf Spa at Fairmont Chicago Millennium Park, located in the heart of the city’s vibrant cultural center. Offering travelers and locals a peaceful respite from the hustle and bustle of daily life, the spa is the first Chicago location for the Leaf Spa brand, which focuses on authentic wellness practices inspired by the earth’s natural wonders and seasonal evolutions. The spa’s intention is to bring the mind and body into alignment with nature by shedding old “leaves” and blossoming anew. 

“We are thrilled to welcome Leaf Spa to Fairmont Chicago, Millennium Park,” noted Clay Spencer, the hotel’s general manager. “Leaf Spa is known for offering holistic treatments that bring wellness to the mind, body and soul. We’re happy that Fairmont guests and locals alike will be able to delight in relaxation through the nature-inspired treatment menu.”

Leaf Spa, Fairmont Chicago, Millennium Park, Healthy Living + Travel

The 11,000-square-foot wellness center is located on the hotel’s lower level, boasting eight treatment rooms, including one couples’ room with a Kohler waterfall soaking tub for two, which cascades Eucalyptus-infused water directly from the ceiling. There, couples can create their own herbal bath amenities such as bath bombs and herb-infused essential oils to take home. The spa also includes two facial rooms and six massage rooms. Not only will the spa focus on physical well-being, but it will also embrace mental wellness, offering therapeutic programs tied to nature.

“Everything starts with a dream, and anything is possible,” explained Marizza Contreras, CEO, and founder of K’Alma Spa Concepts & Management. “At Leaf Chicago, we will partner with local nonprofit organizations to host ongoing events supporting mental health, aromatherapy balancing, sound healing, and nature baths. The focus of which will touch upon all of the senses of sound, smell, touch, and site in an effort to reconnect with nature and how we can leverage each of the seasons in order to thrive in our lives.”

Leaf Spa, Fairmont Chicago, Millennium Park, Healthy Living + Travel

Upon entry, guests will enter an enchanting hallway lined with tranquil, candle-lit lanterns that lead them to the captivating Wish Tree, which is adorned with colorful ribbons signifying hope and manifestations. The tree allows guests to set their intentions before beginning their wellness journeys by tying a ribbon to the tree’s base. This experience channels positive energy, manifestation, and transformation, which are strong cornerstones of Leaf Spa’s values. From here, guests will enter the House of Knowledge, a gallery of plants, herbs, and leaves from around the world, each offering natural healing benefits. 

As guests make their way through the spa’s public spaces, they’ll change into robes within the locker room area, offering changing stations, lockers, showers, and an array of nourishing snacks such as teas, nuts, and dried fruits. Then, they’ll head into the relaxation lounge, featuring plush seating, a selection of herbal teas, and a tranquil soundtrack to clear the mind. 

Prior to their treatment, spa-goers can visit the Alchemist Bar, which offers an assortment of healing herbs, essential remedies, and plants that they can use to create their own therapeutic topicals, oils, scrubs, and tinctures.

Leaf Spa features an extensive and specially curated seasonal treatment menu to meet the needs of all guests. Winter is a time for comfort, and its slow nature evokes renewal and resetting. During the winter, guests can enjoy treatments such as The Sacred Sage Facial (50 min, $175; 80 min, $275), a sacred ceremony and facial that cleanses from the inside out using sage, an herb known for its amazing antioxidant and antibacterial properties; The Serenity Slumber Body Treatment (80 min, $295), a body treatment designed to realign chakras using a lavender-infused body scrub made for resting, relaxing and reflecting on what’s to come; and The Peaceful Pause Massage (50 min, $170; 80 min, $270; 110 min, $370), a signature massage that allows the body to recharge by starting with a manifesting meditation to help calm nerves. 

Spring resembles new life and beauty. As guests reach springtime, their bodies are recharged, renewed, and ready to blossom and take on the world. Guests can enjoy The Botanical Booster Facial (50 min, $175; 80 min, $275), which helps restore skin’s energy using rich enzymes and antioxidants that even out the skin tone and promote anti-aging; The Radiant Renewal Body Treatment (80 min, $295), a full-body age-defying treatment that reveals a smoother, brighter and more youthful complexion; and The Floral Flow Massage (50 min, $165; 80 min, $230; 110 min, $295), a massage featuring rose aromatherapy that elevates guests’ energy so they can vibrate higher and attract abundance into their lives. 

Summer is about soaking up the sun and achieving that glow from within. Guests can enjoy The Honeysupple Facial (50 min, $175; 80 min, $275), which enhances glow from within using honey, a natural antibacterial and antiseptic humectant that allows the skin to absorb and retain moisture while balancing the skin barrier; The Cooldown Cure Body Treatment (80 min, $295), designed to cool down the body with Leaf’s signature aloe and coconut-infused formula that increases skin healing while also refreshing the body; and The Vital Force Massage (50 min, $170; 80 min, $270; 110 min, $370), an amazing deep-tissue massage that helps revitalize the soul and rid the body of toxins.

As autumn arrives, we are reminded to forget things that trouble us and fill our lives with warmth and kindness. Treatments include The Fall-Less Facial (50 min, $175; 80 min, $275), which entices the senses with the season’s best flavors, pumpkin and cinnamon, which synergistically create a powerhouse combination full of enzymes and antioxidants that help to even out skin discoloration and leave the skin healthy and renewed; The Dosha Detox Body Treatment (80 min, $295; 110 min, $395), a lymphatic, herb-infused body treatment that incorporates ayurvedic wisdom, a routine detoxification that allows the body to maintain good health during seasonal changes; and The Mindful Meditative Massage (80 min, $270; 110 min, $370), which combines the power of the mind with the power of restoration through a guided meditation and sound bowl healing to relax the mind and ease the body into a majestic massage.

Leaf Spa is open Monday through Thursday from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. and Friday through Sunday from 9 a.m. to 6 p.m. To make an appointment, please visit the website. For more information, visit