Adventure Travel - Live like a local, Healhty Living + TravelWhy travel like a tourist, when you can experience life as a local? Thanks to a plethora of new travel and accommodation websites, much has been made of experiencing travel as a local vs. a tourist. Travelers who go the local route cite a stronger connection to the culture and a sense of belonging.

Here are 8 “Live Like a Local” Trips from around the world…

1. Homestay with the Aymara people in Peru

Explore Lake Titicaca, South America’s largest lake, and enjoy the hospitality of the local Aymara community whose roots date back to ancient cultures that settled in this area.

2. Homestay with Amazon Tribe –

Venture deep into the rarely accessed Amazon Rainforest to meet the indigenous Achuar tribe of the Ecuador.

3. Camp in a Village Campground en route to Machu Picchu

Along a less traveler route to Machu Picchu, immerse yourself in the village life while overnight in the Cachiccata community’s village campground.

4. Tuscany “Slow Food” Adventure

Join a family-run farm in the heart of Tuscany for an exciting cycling and epicurean adventure dedicated to the “Slow Food” movement.

5. Homestay with Nomads in Siberia and Mongolia

Beautiful and exotic, Siberia and Mongolia are worlds away from the traditional beaten path. Wind your way through the remote Barguzin Valley to homestays in rural Ust-Barguzin.

6. Stay in rural villages in Cambodia

Visit rural villages along the Mekong River, wander through jungle-covered ruins from the ancient Khmer Empire, and support local community-based tourism projects as you learn about rural lifestyles in northern Cambodia and southern Laos and the efforts to preserve national treasures and ruin sites.

7. Camp with Inuit Dogsledders in Greenland

Spend the night in a hut with Inuit family in West Greenland while exploring and photographing fantastic landscapes of pristine beauty, exotic, arctic wildlife and northern lights.

8. Homestay in rural villages of Vietnam

Stay in the White Hmong, Red Doa and Co Lao villages in tents or small guest houses and interact with the locals who rarely see foreign visitors. Learn about the North Vietnam culture and see firsthand what daily life is like for so many in these rural mountain areas.