TThe Los Cabos Open of Surf 2019 is the premiere professional surf and music event in Mexico. Running from June 21-23, this year’s event will be hosted by the world-class, five-star luxury hotel, The Cape Hotel, in partnership with the Los Cabos Tourism Board. Unlike other surf contests, the Los Cabos Open of Surf stands alone. The fully immersive experience, features world-class cuisine, live music, fashion and some of the biggest and renowned names throughout the surfing community.

Created in 2013, The Los Cabos Open of Surf started as an ASP (Association of Surfing Professionals) 6-Star Men’s event and since then has moved through many developmental stages through the years. In 2014, it became the first ever Women’s ASP 6-Star competition in Mexico. By 2015, the event boasted the WSL Women’s QS6000, as well as a WSL Men’s and Women’s Pro Junior Event. All these stages of development helped lead to the inception of a multi-level, world-class, completely unique surfing event.

Typical surf competitions can be quite tedious for non-surfers. WSL (World Surf League) style events can be difficult to understand and might not be much fun for the tourist observer. But as you can tell, this isn’t your typical surfing competition. The Los Cabos Open of Surf is focused on Elite Free-Surfers! Surfers, featuring Jamie O’Brien, Taj Burrow, Josh Kerr, Chippa Wilson and many more. These elite free-surfers come with massive social followings and influence on the internet. Surf fans, business leaders, Hollywood moguls and more are attracted to there free spirits and lack of concern for “winning”. The only concern for these pro’s is the creativity and innovation of maneuvers and the growth of the sport they love. This fully immersive surfing experience is a can’t miss!

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