Just in time for spring, California-based Murad has launched a Retinal ReSculpt Overnight Treatment. If you love retinol, you’ll enjoy this product. The pharmaceutical-like encapsulation provides 2.5x better efficacy (vs. free retinal) and is the next-gen serum that’s clinically proven to tackle major signs of advanced aging.

It’s clinically proven that after 2 weeks, you’ll see it visibly lifts neck/jowl sagging, and smooths deep-set wrinkles/crepey skin. In 4 weeks you’ll find increased skin elasticity while hydrating skin overnight. All retinoids must convert to retinoic acid before they can elicit change. Retinal converts once and retinol converts twice. Retinal works faster than retinol because it takes less time to convert into an active and start working in the skin.

This treatment will be available for $105 on Murad.com.

“Stress less. Be imperfect. Live longer.”—Dr. Howard Murad, Founder