Celebrating 150 years of premium American craftsmanship, Schonbek, the world=renowned heritage lighting brand has debuted the Iconics Collection. The collection includes six of the brand’s most esteemed lines, Schonbek curated the collection to highlight nearly two centuries of the brand’s unparalleled dedication to creating truly iconic chandeliers. Schonbek’s holds a prestigious reputation for the pairing of worldly designs and an intimate knowledge of crystals dating to the 19th century.

Bringing focus to the essence of Schonbek’s distinctive approach to the art and craft of lighting, this collection calls on classical ideals and motifs that push the boundaries of innovation. Tradition meets timeless sophistication in the romantic silhouette of ornate chandelier. Striking lines of modern pendants blend with the brilliant sparkle of exquisitely crafted crystals. 

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Orchestrated to complement a variety of spaces, each fixture within the Iconics Collection honors Schonbek’s evolution as a brand, staying true to the traditional, while adeptly embracing modern design to offer timeless versatility for elevated contemporary living. Throughout this collection, new finishes have been made available for each product line, creating fresh perspectives and adding an au courant twist to classic light forms. 

“As a heritage brand, our dedication to craftsmanship, design, and attention to detail is made abundantly clear with the Iconics Collection,” comments Petra Oberhauser, Commercial Director, Schonbek. “Each Icon pushes the boundaries of what a timeless piece can bring to elevate the experience of a contemporary home.”

Icons by design and now by name, each of the six celebrated lines that comprise the Iconics Collection are born from Schonbek’s most beloved products. It’s about the art of continuous improvements. The Iconics Collection is composed of the following six lines: 

  • Century: Originally designed in the 1960s by Arnold Schonbek, Century is the quintessential heirloom chandelier. Regal and refined, it is a masterpiece of cascading crystals and hand-formed scrolls adorned with Fleur-de-lis, a symbol of French royalty representing light, life, and perfection.
  • Esteracae: Esteracae is a reimagination of Schonbek’s Orion chandelier, which, when it was launched in 1977, was described as having ‘glorious spherical simplicity’. That essential character, inspired by the head of a dandelion, remains at the heart of the new interpretation. Today’s Esteracae has an airy quality with contemporary hand-finished metal florets featuring faceted crystals pinned to the ends of stems emerging from the center of the orb.
  • Milano: Named in honor of the Italian origin of its ornate baroque castings, Milano is a celebration of the great chandeliers of 17th century Italy. It marked the first time Schonbek designed an all-cast chandelier rather than one with crystal columnware. Milano’s traditional castings are all hand-finished with intricate details and the delicate open lacework elements of the metal body are complemented by heavy crystal pendants.
  • Rivendell: First introduced in 1995, Rivendell is a signature Schonbek design founded in a traditional spirited motif of leaves, flowers, fans, and buds. The emotional appeal of Rivendell arises not only from its natural motif and feminine aspect but also from the level of craftsmanship involved in the fixture’s intricately designed, heavily textured, hand-wrought metal, and the thousands of tiny crystal jewels that adorn its leaves and flowers.
  • Sarella: Sarella illuminates interiors of all shapes and sizes with an imaginative balance of contemporary lines and traditional ornamentation. First introduced in 2016, Sarella’s signature decorative elements include a waterfall of metal disks with brilliantly faceted heavy crystal beading.
  • Vesca: Taking its name from the Latin word for strawberry flower, Vesca marked a departure from the usual for Schonbek with its minimalist profile, slightly rustic style, and very light use of crystal. Its gracefully curved metal arms evoke the petals of an open flower when seen from below. Delicate crystal chains draped between the arms create a lyrical quality, and single, large drop pendants add elegant detail.

Schonbek’s Iconics Collection

The Iconics Collection is available for purchase at over 600 brick and mortar retailers in the USA, 29 in Canada, and through top e-commerce sites, delivering illumination across the globe. All retail partners can be found through schonbek.com/storelocator.