With the modern-day workplace, classroom, and entertainment industry relying more heavily on new technology than ever before, the hours we spend on screens seem to be relentlessly increasing. The effects this has on our health and well-being have caused the spa and wellness industry to respond with things like technology detox retreats, float tanks, and spa packages offered at spas like Sole’renity Spa at the Artesian Hotel. All of their spa journeys include hydrotherapy treatments in their many forms with mineral rich waters to relax, soothe, and replenish wellbeing. Inspired by their menu that incorporates sound, touch, yoga and hydrotherapy, here are six ways to help you unwind and unplug naturally.

  1. Turn your phone off
    Many of us think that putting our phones on Do Not Disturb will help us sleep or relax uninterrupted. And while it may seem that way, there are four reasons why cell phones disrupt our sleep. First, they suppress melatonin, because of the blue light they emit that signals to your brain that it is daytime. Second, they keep your brain alert, so if you are surfing the web or checking emails right before bed, your brain needs more time to unwind from the activity than you might think. Third, they can wake you up with late night texts, emails, and notifications lighting up the screen. Finally, studies have shown that the EMF radiation waves that cell phones give off disrupt deep sleep and may contribute other health problems like cancer and infertility. Keeping your phone off may sound inconvenient, but your body and mind will start to feel the difference and will thank you for it.
  2. Get your body into a Parasympathetic State
    For those of us working at a computer all day, we are unintentionally putting our bodies into a sympathetic state, which is the fight-or-flight response. Help relax your body on a physiological level by taking time to put it in a parasympathetic state, which helps your body to rest and digest. Three easy ways to do this are:
    a. Box breathing
    Take a four second inhale, then a four second hold, a for second exhale, another four second hold, and repeat this sequence for as long as you like.
    b. Lying chair position
    Lay down on the floor and place your legs at a 90-degree angle, as if you were sitting in a chair. Rest your feet on a wall, couch, or any other object that will allow you to relax in this position. This can also be done lying in bed with two large pillows under your knees. This helps improve blood circulation to the respiratory and digestive systems, helping the body to relax and recover.
    c. Deep stretching
    There is a reason why people seem to get hooked on yoga. Stretching and breathing in sequence is a form of moving meditation, which gives your body and mind peace, while reinforcing compensatory postures to unwind from the desk position we’ve been in all day.
  3. Earthing
    Get back in touch with nature–literally. Science has found that the lack of contact with the earth contributes to our physiological and psychological wellness. This is because the earth has a natural electromagnetic effect on our bodies. Walking or standing barefoot on the ground helps to balance the charge in our bodies by utilizing electrons from the Earth’s surface. Research has found that earthing can reduce inflammation, improve immune responses, accelerate healing, reduce pain, and more. City-dwellers without backyards can find a variety of alternative grounding systems, including sheets, mats, wrist or ankle bands, adhesive patches that can be used inside the home or office, and footwear.
  4. Heat Therapy
    Human beings for centuries have turned to hot water to release tension and relax. From mineral hot springs pools to jet-tubs and saunas, the act of heating the body has tremendous benefits for our vascular system, chronic pain, healing injuries, and relaxing the mind. Another benefit? Hot tubs and hot springs make for excellent social gatherings, while saunas provide ideal solitude to practice self-reflection, meditation and a break from technology.
  5. Sound Therapy
    Spa goers know better than most the soothing effect that sounds can have on your mind and body. The science is growing on the benefits of sound therapy, and the industry is responding. Spas all over the country offer a more visceral, vibrational tone known as sound healing or sound therapy. The practice uses a variety of harmonic vibrations of instruments mixed with human voices to help break patterns, change brain waves and be a catalyst for deeper insight, wisdom and healing. 
  6. Visit the Spa
    If you’re looking to truly unplug and rejuvenate your mind, body and soul above all in one afternoon, book yourself in to Oklahoma’s Sole’renity Spa at the Artesian Hotel. Right now, when you book between Mon-Thursday, use promocode ‘unplug’ to receive a complimentary back scrub with the purchase of any body treatment. Sole’renity Spa provides restoration and healing from the serene sanctuary of the historic Artesian Hotel.