Spa spa spa! 

Oh, how I love an amazing story coupled with a phenomenal beauty ritual. 

Christine’s SkinSplendid is a combination of values true to her lifestyle and attention to detail as much as it is an ode to the transformation of the person to a better version of themself.

This is not new for Christine and her team. She has a Manhattan location and with something fabulous now just a stone’s throw away from home, her journey is changing lives and creating opportunities. 

The location is smack in central Montclair, convenience here is important. SkinSplendid is close to trains, planes, and automobiles. Christine has sculpted a beautiful environment of serenity while bringing state-of-the-art devices and techniques to her treatment plans. 

It was such a pleasure meeting the amazing and committed team with Emma and Brianna – both unbelievably attractive, attentive, and authentic. 

I will be booking an appointment soon – and I can’t wait to be further amazed. 

Congratulations SkinSplendid! Book your treatment today!