After a full day of activities at the Primland Resort, in Meadows of Dan, Virginia I felt I had definitely earned my Signature Massage. First off there was a harrowing drive in an ATV, hiking the mountainous terrain, trying my hand at archery, air riflery, and tomahawk throwing, working out on the outdoor trail, and trying my hand at disc golf.  The Primland Resort offers a myriad of activities.

At the spa, the Native American influence is more than just a theme, it’s a philosophy. Artifacts from the local Saura tribe abound and are considered sacred. In the signature massage, tribal elements of fire, water, air, and earth are incorporated through hot stones, oils, scents, and touch. And afterward, you come full circle by sipping tea from the Native American Tea Company

Prior to the massage, I was taken to a “relaxation space,” past hallways all decked out in shades of turquoise and brown – the color representing a “drop of heaven” and the stones, anti-aging. I was already well-relaxed before I even got to the Relaxation Room, where a wide span of windows looking out over the countryside, reinforced the sense of ennui. At this point, I didn’t even need the massage. 

But that was before I met my spirit animal. Heather, my masseuse, led me into the massage room where, of course, there were animal feathers to clear the energetic pathways around me. I was told to ask myself a question I was seeking an answer to and to pick a card that spoke to me from the eight laying face down in front of me.

The Cynic that I am, I had no question and heard no card. The one I picked was the rabbit which apparently represented an internalized fear I needed to let go of. I didn’t relate at all – I didn’t like being a rabbit — but somehow felt the need to apologize that my rejection was nothing personal. I asked about the other cards – eagle, deer, wolf, skunk, turkey, squirrel, raccoon, each representing some personal exploration. Skunk? Turkey? Squirrel? The rabbit was beginning not to look so bad. Animals, aside, I thoroughly enjoyed my experience at The spa at Primland massage.

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