The Ritz-Carlton Bacara, Santa Barbara – the premier resort by the sea on the Gaviota Coast, is proud to host Jean-Michel Cousteau’s 78 Years of Diving & Discovery Gala and weekend festivities. All proceeds from the event will benefit Ocean Futures Society. Jean-Michel Cousteau will mingle with guests to share the magic of whales, the quintessential ambassadors of the sea, and raise awareness of the threats they face. The benefits of the events will support the mission of Jean-Michel Cousteau’s Ocean Futures Society, a marine conservation organization based in Santa Barbara. A longtime partner of The Ritz-Carlton brand, Jean-Michel Cousteau is an explorer, diplomat, environmentalist, educator, author and film producer. 

For over six decades, Jean-Michel Cousteau has dedicated himself to inspiring people of all generations and nations to act responsibly in protecting the ocean and our planet’s water ecosystems that are so intricately connected to the survival of all life.  His reputation and vast experience of 78 years of diving and exploration began a generation ago with his father, Jacques Cousteau, aboard Calypso and Alcyone.  Jean-Michel Cousteau founded Ocean Futures Society in 1999 as a “Voice for the Ocean,” reaching millions of people globally with his inspirational films, and outdoor educational programs, including publishing books and curriculum and multimedia presentations. 

Weekend highlights include the following events, all taking place at The Ritz-Carlton-Bacara, Santa Barbara:

Friday, November 10 

  • Welcome Reception with Jean-Michel Cousteau and Celebration of Whales art exhibit

Saturday, November 11 

  • A Morning with Jean-Michel Cousteau Eco Hike & Breakfast 
  • 78 Years of Diving & Discovery Gala, where Jean-Michel Cousteau will personally premiere and present a unique original multimedia presentation with his acclaimed historic & never before publicly shown film footage

Sunday, November 12

  • Whale Watching excursion with Jean-Michel Cousteau and the Ocean Futures Society Team

To experience this genuinely memorable weekend with Jean-Michel Cousteau and be inspired to act on behalf of whales and Santa Barbara’s local marine environment, please visit The Ritz-Carlton Bacara, Santa Barbara.

The mission of the Ocean Futures Society Team is to explore the global ocean, inspiring and educating people worldwide to act responsibly for its protection, documenting the critical connection between humanity and nature, and celebrating the ocean’s vital importance to the survival of all life on our planet. Jean-Michel Cousteau, turning 85 in May 2023, is filming a new TV series, “Jean-Michel Cousteau’s 77 Years of Diving and Discovery,” and the first episode will focus on whales in the Northern Pacific and is titled “A Great Message of Hope.”