The skincare company Murad has launched a Rapid Relief Acne Sulfur Mask in their acne control collection. This luxurious liquid clay mask is stacked with a powerhouse acne-clearing sulfur, exfoliating salicylic acid, and hydrating Austrian peat to reduce oil and banish blemishes instantly.

What makes it different?

• Sulfur’s notorious odor is neutralized with refreshing eucalyptus in a silky-smooth mask that rinses off easily to minimize pulling and tugging

• While most clay masks crack and constrict, our oil-absorbing kaolin clay blends with hydration-replenishing Austrian peat extract to moisturize and prevent over-drying


After just 3 uses, this uniquely blended, soothing formula delivers an overall clearer complexion by:

• Minimizing breakouts

• Reducing pimple size

• Improving redness

• Improving pore congestion

• improving skin texture

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Clinically proven to reduce oil by 92%, fast-track pimple instantly (INTL: blemish) reduction after only 3 uses, and to reduce redness after 6 uses*

Instantly after just 1 use:
• Subjects agree that their skin felt balanced (not too oily
or too dry), soothed, calmed, and comfortable

After just 3 uses, subjects agree that:
• Breakouts are minimized, and the size of pimples are smaller
• Product did not over-dry skin
• Saw a reduction in redness, pore congestion, and an improvement in skin texture with a clearer complexion overall

To Use?

Apply an even layer 2-3x/week onto clean skin, leave on for up to 10 minutes, then rinse and pat dry.

This mask is available for $44 on