Embark on a flavorful journey at Hotel Kansas City in the vibrant backdrop of Kansas City. The Town Company, led by acclaimed Chef Johnny Leach and Pastry Chef Helen Jo Leach, skillfully blends tradition and modernity with locally sourced ingredients. This culinary haven pays homage to Kansas City’s rich food culture.

But Hotel Kansas City offers more than just great food. Housed in a historic building listed on the National Register, it combines luxury and history seamlessly. Remnants of the original Kansas City Club (which opened in 1922) can be seen throughout, from the Lobby Café to stained-glass murals.

For cocktail enthusiasts, Nighthawk in the hotel’s cellar offers custom cocktails with house-made syrups and garden-fresh garnishes. The 15th-floor rooftop garden oasis is perfect for indoor/outdoor events.

The 1,200+ square-foot suite with city views and 1920s grandeur is an indulgent retreat for those seeking luxury. Hotel Kansas City invites you to savor the flavors and history of this remarkable city.