Murad, a well-known beauty company loved by many in the United States, has introduced two exciting new products to enhance your beauty routine: the Targeted Pore Corrector and the Targeted Eye Depuffer. Building on the immense success and buzz generated by Murad’s Targeted Wrinkle Corrector launch in 2022, these innovative additions join the prestigious Targeted Corrector family.

Murad Introduces Innovative Beauty Solutions: Targeted Pore Corrector and Targeted Eye Depuffer

Targeted Eye Depuffer:

If you’re a fan of the instant rejuvenation and brightening effects of eye depuffing treatments, imagine enjoying these benefits while nurturing your skin in the long run. Introducing our multi-action eye treatment, equipped with a unique applicator tip that instantly brightens your eyes and provides a refreshing cooling sensation. Over time, it works to visibly tighten, tone, and depuff the delicate skin under your eyes, leaving you with lasting, revitalized results. Priced at $64.

Targeted Pore Corrector:

We understand that you can’t change the genetic size of your pores. Still, you can address the underlying factors that make them appear larger, ultimately giving your complexion a smoother appearance. Meet our dynamic biotech treatment designed to erase the appearance of pores with each use virtually, and with continued application, it actively reduces pore count over time. Available at an affordable price of $49.

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