Garden of the Gods Resort and Club, Colorado Springs’ luxury retreat for rejuvenation of the mind, body, and spirit, announces the appointment of Kelly Stoinski as a wellness coach and Ayurvedic health counselor, a newly created position within its internationally acclaimed STRATA Integrated Wellness and Spa.

Stoinski brings a wealth of experience and knowledge spanning over a decade from extensive world travel and studies, which allows her to blend Eastern and Western philosophies, ancient practices, and modern technology to provide unique and customized preventative care and personalized navigation for STRATA Integrated Wellness and Spa’s patients.

A primary facet of this new role is dedicated to mindfulness, specifically calming the mind, lifestyle management, and breathing. With hundreds of studies revealing the life-affirming benefits of meditation, mindfulness, and conscious breathwork practices, Stoinski will guide patients to incorporate mindfulness into daily practice to help realize increased clarity, purpose, and happiness, and remarkable overall health results.

Likewise, an integral component within this role is focused on patient experience navigation. Stoinski’s personalized navigation for STRATA patients provides an intentional concierge approach, guiding each patient through a layered and enriched wellness journey by helping customize the experience and create cohesion along the way, ensuring goals are met and wellness treatments are thoughtfully fulfilled. This new role was designed to offer a true advocate for patient health and to provide education, friendship, and ongoing support resulting in a deeply integrated experience that is holistic and comprehensive – and not complex nor overwhelming.

Kelly Stoinski, Spas of America

Stoinski began her health and wellness journey at the age of 18 with holistic nutrition training. From there, she traveled the world to continue her studies, including massage therapy in Costa Rica, doula training in British Columbia, and extensive holistic nutrition training and certified health coaching throughout the United States over the last 10 years.

Stoinski’s pursuit of Ayurvedic medicine started at the California College of Ayurveda in Northern California. She is passionate about Ayurveda’s mind-body, nature-based approach to healing, as well as the inclusive lens to holistically understand the root causes of the disease of an individual. Stoinski continues to study Ayurveda through the Maharishi International University to further her innovative integrated approaches, including partnering with patients to implement practical lifestyles, diets, and herbal tools that align with the qualities, laws, and balance of nature.

Within the wellness coach and Ayurvedic health counselor role, Stoinski will support the onboarding, engagement, improvement, and overall lives of STRATA Integrated Wellness and Spa’s patients and their outcomes through the implementation of evidence-based patient journey services, skills, and style. Stoinski will be responsible for developing, coordinating, and communicating patient treatment plans from providers as well as offer Ayurveda and health coaching services to complement holistic care on an ongoing basis. In this role, Stoinski seeks to create long-lasting, meaningful relationships with patients – to provide a partner for accountability, ensuring clinical advice develops into ongoing habit, offer caring support throughout all areas of life, encourage deeper self-awareness and self-care techniques, and seek out evolving health and wellness goals to help attain lasting health and wellbeing.

“I am honored to announce the wellness coach and Ayurvedic health counselor position and welcome Kelly Stoinski in assuming this pivotal new role within the patient journey at STRATA,” states Vice President of Wellness Grant Jones. “Kelly’s vitality and compassion along with her experience and enthusiasm for holistic wellness and patient care will meaningfully enhance our world-class integrated wellness community and share in our goal of enabling patients to live each day better. From mindfulness meditation sessions to personalized breathing techniques, Kelly’s abilities to listen to patients and connect with their emotions are valuable assets we are honored to share onward with STRATA patients and their families.”

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