Act now, confess later! The cult-favorite unisex fragrance brand, Confessions of A Rebel has launched a brand new signature fragrance as a play-off of one of their bestsellers, Get A Room, right in time for the holidays. 

The new fragrance, Get A Room and Order Champagne is the classic, Get a Room‘s darker, more seductive sister, and despite the line of eager suitors for her attention, she’s not ready to call a cab home just yet. The last call isn’t an ending—it’s a new beginning for all sorts of mischievous adventures, and this heated, provocative mix keeps the party going. 

Raspberry and mandarin open the scent with a juicy, in-your-face air, as night-blooming jasmine and sensual cocoa whisper sweet nothings into the mix. Like a transcendental beat heard through the midnight fog, patchouli drifts into vanilla, blurring the lines between reverie and reality. Draw the blinds, bolt the door, and get the bottle on ice—this is going to get good.

The new fragrance is available in Full Size (100ml) and Travel Size (8ml) bottles.

Confessions of A Rebel was born out of desperation to change the fragrance industry that is still filled with outdated archetypes of “femininity” and “masculinity” paired with images of luxury that don’t relate to many. They blend traditional notes and undertones to create their gender-fluid fragrances that can be enjoyed by everyone!