Peter Jack Rainbird - Healthy Living + Travel
What a year it has been already for so many of us, experiencing wellbeing, expansion, collaboration, and joy in new ways. 
And none more so than for British-born Nomadic Musician Peter Jack Rainbird.

When we first heard Peter Jack he made an immediate impression on us, playing the electric guitar creating a soulful spacious sound. From playing outdoor gigs from the wilds on Vancouver Island to playing at a national festival at Wanderlust, Peter Jack has won over the hearts of people no matter where he goes. This year he continues to bring his sound to audiences throughout the US and Canada with performances at festivals, Spa’s and retreat centres.

The Album he has made is called UNRAVEL, a moving experience of seamless music, check it out.  Recently signed with SoundsTrue & WarnerBrother Peter Jack Rainbird and Unravel are set to reach the World, but we want to introduce you first before the World finds out.


Peter Jack Rainbird’s Official Website