Over the past two decades, I’ve been fortunate enough to partake in the Cornucopia events at Whistler multiple times. Throughout this span, I’ve witnessed its evolution from a fledgling gathering to a hedonistic bacchanalia, then to a scholarly salon, and finally, it seems to have discovered its ideal identity. The 2022 Cornucopia blended the best elements from its past incarnations with a modern touch of whimsy.

Whistler Cornucopia, Healthy Living + Travel

The event’s itinerary, brimming with seminars, culinary showcases, and winemaker’s dinners, presented an enticing mix of new and exciting offerings while honoring classics like the French Rendezvous. And, of course, the quintessential Grand Crush gala was an absolute delight. The food at the tasting stations was delectable and abundant, and the wineries represented a splendid mix of emerging talents and beloved classics. However, the true treasure of the evening was the diverse and delightful group of attendees, all ready to revel in Cornucopia’s bounty.

Consider rounding up some friends and making a long weekend of it in 2023. Whistler is set to host Cornucopia from November 9th to the 19th. Be sure to mark your calendar and get your tickets early, as they go on sale starting September 5th.

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For more details on this year’s events, visit whistlercornucopia.com.