Have you made your reservation at The Grand Lodge yet? Farmington, Pennsylvania’s Nemacolin’s extensively renovated hotel is set to unveil its grand reimagining this September. As they prepare for the big reveal, they add the final enchanting touches to your entirely refreshed suite.

Just picture it – stepping onto your balcony in the morning, a steaming cup of coffee in hand, gazing out over the tranquil Nemacolin estate. Every inch of your surroundings exudes elegance, from the refined finishes to the lavish furnishings. And should you require any assistance, your butler is always at your service. It’s a level of luxury that’s truly one-of-a-kind. Will you be among the first to experience it?

CAD COW - Renderings - 220811 - Nemacolin - The Lodge - Main Lobby
The Grand Lodge, Main Lobby

Nemacolin isn’t just a place of opulence; it’s also a sanctuary for wellness. Here, you’ll find the Woodlands Spa & Salon and the Holistic Healing Center dedicated to enhancing your well-being.


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Nemacolin, Farmington, Pennsylvania