Step into NoMad London, an exquisite luxury hotel crafted with finesse by the renowned New York-based interior design team, Roman and Williams. Unveiled in 2020, this splendid establishment finds its home within the historic confines of The Bow Street Magistrates’ Court and Police Station in the heart of Covent Garden.

Simon Upton Interiors & Portraits

Each of the 91 rooms and suites within NoMad London pays homage to the cherished decorative traditions of England’s heritage while infused with a dash of the city’s distinct New York flair. This marriage of styles creates a captivating interplay between classic design and modern luxury. As you enter your abode, you’ll discover an air of understated elegance and comfort, where sumptuous king-size beds beckon and rotary phones hark back to a charming bygone era.

Simon Upton Interiors & Portraits

In these accommodations, every detail whispers of meticulous attention. From the inspired decorative furnishings to the opulent marble and mosaic bathrooms, the rooms and suites cocoon you in a haven of refinement. Gaze out of your window for a view of the atrium that delights the eyes while carefully curated artwork adorns the walls, courtesy of the discerning eye of the French Studio Saint-Lazare. Their collection gathers pieces worldwide, celebrating European avant-garde and American post-war artistic expression.

The culinary experience at NoMad London is nothing short of exceptional. With a palette of unique venues, including the inviting NoMad Restaurant & Atrium Bar, Side Hustle, Common Decency, and The Library, your taste buds are in for a treat. The creative genius of Executive Chef Michael Yates pairs harmoniously with the imaginative mixology of Leo Robitschek and Liana Oster. It’s a symphony of flavors and libations that dance on the palate.

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Rooted in the ethos that birthed NoMad New York, NoMad London celebrates the harmonious coexistence of grandeur and intimacy. Here, classical touches mingle with colloquial charm, inviting festive, revelry, and quiet, soul-nourishing meals. In this timeless haven, every corner tells a story, and every moment is an invitation to savor the joys of life.

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