In October, the 5-star Hotel Giardino Ascona in Switzerland will be hosting a unique 4-day yoga retreat in collaboration with ‘Pop Up Yoga’ October Switzerland Yoga Retreat, Healthy Living + Travel14-17. Guests can recharge their batteries with the fresh air and sunshine in the south of Switzerland. This retreat invites guests to take part in daily yoga sessions, dine on nourishing Ayurvedic meals to restore and kick-start a balanced diet and take in the natural beauty of the hotel’s lakeside setting in Ascona. At the hotel’s own dipiu Spa, guests can also enjoy spa treatments and Ayurveda cures and therapies. The hotel also offers free bicycles, which will encourage guests to take a leisurely drive to Ascona and let you explore the area with ease.

What makes it special?: 

  • Location in Switzerland’s warm and sunny Ticino area on the border of Italy and on Lake Maggiore
  • Expert led retreat in collaboration with ‘Pop Up Yoga’, who specialize in bringing yoga to exciting locations such as rooftops, gardens, art galleries and office spaces making your practice more accessible than ever.
  • Combine with Giardino’s rejuvenating Ayurveda focused wellness programs, cooking classes and nutritional consultations. The Giardino Hotels in all locations (Ascona, St. Moritz and Zurich) are the first five-star resorts in Switzerland to offer authentic Ayurveda treatments and cures, with the goal of helping guests to achieve health and peace by means of a holistic approach.
  • The hotel has a 2 Michelin starred restaurant for extra indulgence
  • Affordably luxury in Switzerland  

Price starts from $950 USD (approximately $315 USD per night) based on single occupancy. The Retreat Package includes: Welcome Drink, 4x Yoga with ‘Pop up Yoga’, 3 Ayurvedic dinners, and breakfast daily.

Telephone: +41 (0) 91 785 88 88

Telephone: +41 (0) 91 785 88 88

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